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Have you ever had that joyful experience of finally getting a shy cat to lean into petting with love? If so, Merlyn and Bubo are looking for a Superhero just like you!

These sweet floofs came to Happy Cats when they were found struggling to survive outside in the cold after being abandoned in Cheyenne Cañon. They came in separately but we reintroduced them and they’ve been inseparable since.

Dark charcoal Merlyn is the smaller one, and big brother Bubo has striking eyes—one yellow, and one gold! He has the tipped ear badge of courage as he was the first one to be rescued from outside. They have long luscious fur just like their Maine Coon cousins, only without the fancy papers.

Merlyn may start out a little bit shy, but she’s a Kitty Secretary at heart. She’ll often be right at the door for you when you get home, and she’ll always be up for pets and scritchies. She’s a sweet girl with a sweet purr who loves her people.

Bubo also used to be shy, but just like Merlyn, now he gets very excited to see his friends! Both kitties love to greet their favorite people with rubs and headbonks. When you sit down on the floor with them, they are ready to hop in laps even before you get seated! Like his sister Merlyn, he loves to be petted and loved on once he gets to know you.

Playtime is the best way to their hearts as they have so much fun they forget to be afraid. They love rugs! They love to roll on them and look for toys underneath. Just get out the Cat Dancer or fleece snakes and watch both of them spring into action.

They are one of the most bonded pairs we’ve ever met, always cuddling and grooming each other. Brushing is one of their favorite things, which is great because they have a lot of floof! They will come to you for regular brushing, purring all the while. They are both clicker trained to come to their names.

Both cats love to snuggle up on high shelves, so will appreciate some catification so they can do that at their new home. They come with a cat tree that will help them get started.

Because of their early experiences with humans, these are special Superhero Kitties. They will need a family with extra patience, willing to let them blossom at their own pace. They’ll do best in a home with no small children or other animals.

They have lived at Happy Cats for many months and will need at least 2 months in their Safe Room, a quiet space to learn to trust and love their new family, as well as our Hands Off handling to help them build trust. Superhero Cats need to be the only pets in the home.

Superhero Kitties come with a kit that includes helps you support them while they become the lovable companions we know they can be. This includes a home installation, a top/side loading carrier per kitty, support materials & videos customized for your kitty, a mini-class in Hands Down Handling, their favorite toys & bedding, 3 months of food/litter/treats, up to 1 year of professional behavioral counseling if needed and other equipment as needed. This has been generously sponsored by the Petco Love Foundation.

Merlyn and Bubo are both around three and a half years old. They can be adopted together for $120 which along with their Superhero Kit includes their spay and neuter, vaccinations, microchips, food and litter and treats for 3 months, and a free well-kitty checkup each to help you get started.

You can click here to fill out a Superhero Adoption Application. Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. If you’d like to contact someone more quickly, please call 719-362-4600 to make an appointment to meet them!