Luke & Kenzo


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Luke at Happy Cats
Happy Cats friend and foster mom Lana first saw Luke when she was on her way to feed the cats at her outside community cat colony. A car ahead of her slowed down, hit the brakes and threw a black cat out the door.

Luke scared
Shocked at this subhuman behavior, Lana set about trying to find the cat, who had run away in fear. After a few days, she was able to spot him. It looked like he had a wound on his head.

Luke's head wound
Sure enough, when she was finally able to lure him into a trap a week later, he had an open sore on his head. She got him the medical care he needed and then focused on his emotional trauma.

It only took a few weeks before he was able to start trusting again. It turned out he was a big loverboy, ready for hugs and head bonks once he got to know you.

Kenzo @ Happy Cats
Meanwhile, Lana also took in from the cold a handsome Siamese mix who showed up at that colony. She named him Kenzo and housed them together while Luke was healing. Luke was now back to his sleek and shiny self and the two boys made fast friends.

Happy Cats got an email from John. He and his wife were “dog people,” but had decided their family, including their two children, would like a cat friend. Their daughter Katerina is diabetic, so she was more than ready for the responsibility of a kitty. They were looking for a cat with dog-like traits, one who was confident and curious. Luke was not exactly that cat, but Kenzo was.

Kenzo at home
John came to meet Kenzo. While he was there, he met Luke too. How could he split up these two best buds, especially after everything Luke had been through? Both Kenzo and Luke had found a home!

Luke at homeThere was only one last little problem: their son’s name is Luke. Luke thought the name Sebastian was a good fit, so now Kenzo and Sebastian are warm and happy at home, with only a hazy memory of cold and cruelty, just in time for Christmas.

This Happy Tale is for the people who somehow thought that throwing a living being from a moving car, a cat who clearly wanted nothing but to love and be loved, was somehow a normal thing to do. May the blessings of the season help you see that we all deserve love and respect…especially sweet Sebastian!
Luke & Kenzo at home for Christmas