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Figaro came to Happy Cats with his sister Dove, a handsome little tuxedo boy with a naturally crooked little tail. They were the babies of a feral mom and a nice foster mom took them under her wing, teaching them that people could be kind and that living inside would be a Very Good Thing.

Figaro was never the first one to meet you at the door, vying with other party animals for attention. He was more the type to wait until you were settled and then shyly work his way down to your lap. Once there, though, he didn’t take no for an answer, snuggling in and rewarding you with soft purrs.

His new family has no other cats to compete with, just an active border collie who is learning that maybe cats have opinions about things too :). They have given him a safe place to go with a cat tower, the perfect solution to helping both dog and cat adjust.

Figaro is settling in well! He loves his cat tower and has started to sleep with us at night. He loves to sit on my lap in our living room while the fire is on.

He is so incredibly sweet – loves to be petted and to be brushed! Our border collie and he are getting along well. When she does try to herd him – he is too fast – she gives up easily. 🙂 He is a welcomed addition to our family.