Duchess & Monica are adopted!


Kitty Secretary, Snuggle Bunny, Wallflower





Adoption Fee


Meet Duchess & Monica! These girls are the last of our B Street gang, a large group of kitties that were rescued from a hoarding situation. Both girls are loving life and are ready to find a loving forever home where they can stay together.

Adorable brown tabby Duchess is a total Snuggle Bunny, which means she loves to be cuddled more than anything else in the world! She’s always up for pets and will reward you with headbutts and purrs whenever you love on her. She’s also a polydactyl, which means she has bonus toe beans!

Monica, the beautiful longhaired tabby, is actually a rare color called fawn, a much lighter version of the brown tabby marks that Duchess has. It makes her look a lot more like her wild bobcat cousins!

She may start off as a bit of a Wallflower. Once she’s gotten to know you, however, she’ll be the sweetest, loveliest little girl. When she knows she’s safe, she loves to watch whatever you’re doing and will probably graduate to Kitty Secretary when she’s with her forever family, following you lovingly from room to room.

She loves having her soft fur petted and brushed, and she also loves cheek scratches. Like her friend Duchess, she has a lovely purr.

Both cats get along great with other cats! They would do best in a home without dogs or young children.

With help from a Petfinder grant, both girls can be adopted together for $120, which includes their spays, vaccinations, microchips, food and litter starter kits, and a free well-kitty checkup each to help you get started.

You can tap here to fill out an Adoption Application. Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. If you’d like to contact someone more quickly, please call 719-362-4600 to make an appointment to meet them!