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Meet our little ginger boys, Cashew & B’alam! They’re part of the Belize Litter here at Happy Cats, along with sisters Coco, Belikin, Maya & Mis. They’re almost identical twins except Cashew has a teeny freckle on his nose.

You’ll be able to put away your devices this summer with this duo as they’ll keep you entertained with their live kitten streaming! They are confident little tykes who will probably love to follow you around like good little Kitty Secretaries. Like any kittens of 3 months, they both love to play and pounce with the best of them.

Once playtime is over, though, both are ready to slow down for some snuggle time, trading purrs for pets.

They are confident little boys who should do well in just about any home. They’ll do their best with each other, since they’ve been together since birth, but would probably be fine going home separately as long as they have another cat or dog friend to pal up with.

With our Friends & Family discount, you can adopt them together for $210 which includes their neuters, vaccinations, microchips, food and litter starter kits and a free well-kitty checkup each to help you get started. If adopted separately, each will be $140, with all of the above.

Please tap here to fill out an Adoption Application. Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. Please call 719-362-4600 to make an appointment to meet us!