Can’t imagine my life without these two furry babies!


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Badger & Suki ( Blanca)

In October of last year I made the decision to adopt a kitten after waiting more than year since my precious Chloe had died.

I went online looking for that special place that would have my special kitten and I found Happy Cats Haven…and found a pair that have changed my life :)!

Initially, I was only looking for one female kitten but when I saw Blanca (I changed her name to Suki) and Badger (this was a sign because I’m a HUGE Packers fan) I knew I had to have them BOTH!!!! Badger & Suki will be 7 months old this week!

The staff at HCH was beyond amazing and this was by far the BEST experience I’ve ever had adopting a furry baby! Thank you so much!

Becky Stewart