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Meet Biscuit & Charlie! Biscuit is the beauty queen of the pair, a longhaired calico lady with the telltale blue eyes that show off her Siamese heritage. Charlie is her big handsome adopted brother, a brown tabby fellow with tidy white tuxedo markings.

They first came to us when their people moved and abandoned them. They were adopted by someone who bought an automatic litterbox. This scared Biscuit and made her afraid to use the box, for which she was punished. Neither she nor Charlie have had any issues at Happy Cats now that they have normal boxes to use.

Charlie is your classic Snuggle Bunny, always ready for laps and purrs. He’s quite the talker too, and loves it when you get out the kitty wands to keep him active.

Biscuit can be a little shy at first and may need a little more reassuring since Charlie can take over. But once she knows she’s safe, she also likes to be on your lap, batting her big baby blues at you while she purrs. Like Charlie, she loves playtime, but may need to be played with separately so he doesn’t take over!

These guys would prefer to be the only feline’s in your home. Both cats may do well in a home with a cat-friendly dog after a slow introduction. A home without young children may be best.

Both cats are estimated to be around 4 years old and can be adopted for $120 which includes their spay/Neuter, vaccinations, microchip, food and litter starter kit, and a free well-kitty checkup to help you get started.

You can tap here to fill out an Adoption Application or leave a message at 719-725-4970. Someone should get back to you during our adoption hours Wednesday – Sunday by 5 pm . If you need to contact someone more quickly, please call 719-362-4600 and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.