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Hi fans, I’m Beanie, but my friends call me the Queen Bean. I’m one of the Glampers who lived outside with a kind caretaker and lots of other kitties. We were all rescued by some nice folks and are now ready for the indoor life.

I have a very fluffy black coat with chocolate lowlights, like several of my family members. Fortunately, I love to be brushed and combed–especially my head!–so taking care of all that floof should be something we can bond over.

It may take me a little while to settle in but once I know I’m safe, I’m an affectionate little lady on my own terms. I love to greet my friends with headbonks, body bumps and loud purrs.

I will probably be your best Kitty Secretary, ready to follow you around and make sure your WFH tasks are going well. I’m not a big one for being held, but I’ll probably make a great Sidecar cat.

They tell me I’m just a little over two years old, so I still love to play like a kitten if I have the chance. Once I have my own family, I’ll love pouncing and stalking cat toys of my own.

I’m a petite kitty who has had to scrabble to stay alive and was bullied by the larger cats, so I’m not a big fan of other cats unless they’re mellow and not territorial. There were also some dogs who were mean to us, so I would really prefer to be the only queen in your castle!

You can adopt me for $90, which includes my spay, vaccinations, microchip, food and litter starter kit, and a free well-kitty checkup with one of our partner vets to help you get started.

You can click here to send in an Adoption Application for me. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours. If you’d like contact someone more quickly, please call Happy Cats at 719-635-5000. I can’t wait to meet you!