Winston & Charlie stole our hearts


Happy Cats got the call in frigid January that a small Westside house had been sold to become an Air B&B. The tenant and his cats had been evicted, leaving everyone dumped outside.

Our TNR Coordinator Barb got everyone trapped, inside and safe. Because they weren’t fixed, we separated the boys from the girls. With 16 cats, we needed a long list of names so decided to use the Baywatch cast.

As always, we watched them closely to see if any showed signs of being bonded. Shy Mitch the sleek silver tuxedo and Jesse his floofy black brother were inseparable. Slowly they regained their trust with our loving staff and volunteers.

Along came Elizabeth, who tells us, “After losing the last of our three kitties, and going through a long
grieving period, we finally knew that we were ready to have kitties in our lives again. We saw Charlie’s photo online and immediately fell in love with his angelic face.

We really wanted two kitties, so when we saw that he was bonded with another beautiful kitty, we were ecstatic! We made an appointment to visit them, and it was love at first sight.

They were so shy when we brought them home, but before long they came out of their shells, and their adorable personalities came out. Now they are romping together and living so happily in our home.

Winston is very curious and loves to explore and bask in the sun in his kitty tree. He calls Charlie when it’s playtime, and Charlie comes running.

Charlie loves to have his belly rubbed, and be brushed. He is also a champion splooter [It turns out most of the Baywatch Babes are splooters!]. They are both just as sweet as canbe, and we can’t imagine our lives without them!

Thank you Happy Cats Haven for bringing them into our family!”

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