Thor & Rose have their forever home

Thor and Rose are yin and yang siblings: big, handsome black Thor who meets people at the door and delicate tabby Rose who hangs back at bit until he shows her it’s safe.

Their adopters Crystal and Bill say, “They are awesome and have made our house a home. They make Bill play with him every evening. Either after work or on weekends.

They love to play with the laser light with me. He goes full bore up the stairs onto the wall or pounds a closed door. He has to get major loves sessions a couple times a week from me.

Rose is just so sweet, until it’s time to play. Then she is a tigress on the hunt.

This is one of Rose’s favorite places. We call it her den. She loves to play with string in this, flipping and doing the somersaults she did at the shelter.

They are quite at home on our laps. They have figured out that we are their forever parents and they have a forever home.