Luck, Prosperity and Sheila!

I know, we all had an awful 2020….but I lost my brother and my 17 year old little Chi.

I had a cat before my dog and grew up with cats my whole life. I wanted a new friend and just wanted to take the time for find the perfect match for me.

I called HCH and the staff were so wonderful and listened and invited me to come in on Sunday for open hours. Just to “visit” and look around. Then, I spotted Sheila. A little diluted calico turning 2 at the end of February.

When I went in her room she jumped out of the kennel and curled up on my lap and purred. I was in LOVE and don’t we all know cats choose us, not the other way around.

I have since read in Asia when a calico is brought into your home and life they bring good luck and prosperity, I mean that is a bonus! I love her so much and we have many years ahead with sun patches, purrs, cuddles (she LOVES TO BE HELD, and sleep under the covers with me) and friendship, she is simply perfect.

I am so grateful for all the volunteers at HCH and their kindness and help. I am already feeling I have a more positive outlook on life. As they say….I think Sheila rescued me, not the other way around. THANK YOU Happy CATS HAVEN!
–Mary Bowers