Naomi is a gift from heaven

Loving Licorice came from a home with lots of cats, so she rarely got time with her humans. With her new catmom, she gets all the love she needs!

Now Naomi, she just celebrated a year with her catmom Cheryl, who says, “She’s precious. I’ve had her for a year and my daughter has visited three times to meet her. Naomi has yet to meet my daughter. My daughter says I am the crazy cat lady with even cat food out thinking I have a kitty!

She’s a little spoiled and a lot loved. She loves me to feed her from my hand. She cuddles with me in bed, purrs a ton but refuses to get in a carrier. So- she has not been. She is combed and with special wipes she is bathed at times and has regular manicures. She has lots of toys snd every evening mice fly in the air (her toys). She loves her fresh water and clean litter from Target. She sits in her cat tree and watched the cars on Powers. She now will sit on my lap. Being held is not her favorite thing but she still gets held for a few moments just in case it becomes a need. She comes out to great visitors- except for Robyn. Cat TV is her favorite. She really never leaves my side! I think she knew I needed her. Naomi is truly a gift from heaven!