Everybody loves Mittens

When our Lead Colony Tech Thomas was chatting with the employees at our local Ace Hardware and mentioned he worked at Happy Cats, they told him they had a cat they didn’t know what to do with.

Their break area was behind the store and one day he had shyly appeared out of the drainpipe behind it. They were feeding him and keeping him warm with their coats.

They were happy when we said we could help this big, friendly tuxedo guy they had named Mittens.

He was microchipped, but his last known address was in Oklahoma almost a decade before. The phone was disconnected, so we weren’t able to find his people.

One look at his eyes and we could tell he had weathered a lot. He was thin and his tail was limp, so Dr. Severson at Bijou Animal Hospital feared he had been hit by a car. His teeth were also in bad shape. They gave him a dental and we monitored him for a few weeks to make sure he was going to be OK.

Along came Anna who had a fondness for tuxedos. She came in for another cat but it was Mittens who won her heart.

She tells us, “He is doing awesome!

He already had his first zoomies, first vet appointment, he started eating more, and he’s even more affectionate!

He also greets me when I come from work! Hes very open with people that come to my house and everyone just loves him!

I’m so glad I got him. Thank you ❤️!