Luke & Leia set their own pace

Farkus and Kai became friends at their foster home and by the time they came to us, they were inseparable.

Pretty torbico Kai was the rock for shy ginger Farkus, helping him be brave.

Farkus often stayed tucked in when people came to visit, so people never got to see his deep amber eyes. But Kai had his back and helped him get braver every day.

April had experience with a shy cat, so they showed their best sides when she came to visit and were soon on their way home. She tells us, “They are now known as Luke and Leia, and have claimed this home (and us big clumsy apes) as their own. They no longer retreat to their hideyholes; it’s been weeks since the last time they entered their cozy cave. By now they feel safe enough to sleep soundly in the cat tree, and when I work from home they often spend the day dozing at my side [and performing synchronized napping 😻!].

Leia, soft-spoken and independent, is a princess through and through. She graciously allows us to rub her belly while telling her how soft and wonderful her fur is (she already knows, she just likes to hear it). When I come home from work, she twines her tail around my legs in greeting.

Luke is coming out of his shell and becoming a wonderful companion. He wants so badly to open up to us! By gently and slowly exploring the edge of his comfort zone, always letting him set the pace, we’re gradually earning his trust. I can still see his inner conflict — the desire for closeness competing with the fear of vulnerability — but he’s doing very well and I’m so proud of him ❤️❤️❤️.”

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