Angel & her sisters

Angel is a statuesque tabby lady who was born to Artemis, a statuesque tabby lady who had 4 daughters. Artemis had been abandoned at an empty warehouse. She had her babies in the safest place she could find, tucked up in a loading bay in the side of a dock where the forklift tracks ran. 

A night watchman found a single kitten on the ground and took it to the Humane Society where our TNR Coordinator heard it crying. When she asked where its mom and family were, he told her he had only found one kitten. 

She assured him there were more and asked him to go look for them. As he quietly watched, he saw a big tabby cat come crawling out of the shrubs next to the dock. She had been run over and was hurt, but she tried and tried to jump up to get to her babies. He could hear them crying for her.

Barb got the momcat and babies and brought them to safety. Angel was the kitten who had tumbled to the floor when she went looking for her mama, Artemis.


Artemis had to be confined for a month, but her pelvis healed beautifully. All of the kittens found homes, including Angel. 

Her adopter Robin says, “Eight years ago I called to meet a bundle of almost identical kittens and Angel was the one who came to me. She is sweet, affectionate and playful. We call her our little Cougar. 

She has three sisters again, and loves them all, including her dog sister Ginger. They like to supervise everything, even down to teeth brushing. 

Angel is quite entertaining as she plays with her toys, throwing them and herself in the air, running through her tunnels and climbing her favorite cat tree. 

She loves to go outside whether it’s with her harness or on our enclosed deck with her sisters.

We got Gracie shortly after we got Angel and they can be found cuddling and grooming, bonded like sisters. 

We love her to bits!”