Todd & Margo the healers

Sweet Pea and Juju grew up outside under the loving care of a guardian who lived outside with them. He’d had his colony for 8 years and it was getting too much for him to care for them.

We helped by taking in the friendly kitties (which were most of them…he was a good cat daddy) and getting everyone fixed, almost 30 cats so far.

Noel’s best friend was Mac, her soul mate of 16.5 years. His loss last month was devastating to her. She couldn’t bear coming home to an empty house anymore, so she came to visit the kitties at Happy Cats.

She tells us, “I knew if it was right to adopt so soon, Mac would let me know. I cried the whole way I drove to Happy Cats wondering if I was betraying Mac.

When I got there, I sat down on the ground where quite a few cats were playing. Juju ran over to me, flopped over, and began licking my hand. For the first time since my baby had died, I smiled. Mac was telling me it was okay.

They’re helping me through the grieving process, and I’m helping them get used to a new home where they’re spoiled rotten. We’re working together toward a bond by helping each other heal.

They’ve been a joy during a dark time in my life, and I’m so grateful to Happy Cats for taking care of them until they came home.”

Now called Margo and Todd, they had never before lived in a house. It had taken some weeks for them to get used to being inside at Happy Cats. But Noel let them start out slowly, blossoming at their own pace.

They quickly learned about toys with us and Noel is using that to connect with them too.

Noel says, “Mac has sent me some messages so I know he’s around. ❤️❤️”

We know Todd and Margo are very grateful he helped you give them the loving and safe life they deserve!