Taika loves Raimi

Taika came to us after he was found outside, but didn’t stay long before Jenny fell in love with this hipster-stached fellow and adopted him.

Jenny says, “He’s a hoot! He drools when he’s excited and is great about allowing me to trim his nails. His current favorite game is to dash through his cat tunnel in pursuit of a blue feather wand.

One of my greatest concerns, in bringing Taika home, was how my 7yo ginger tabby, Raimi, would react. We started slow with shared mealtimes, on opposite sides of a baby gate. As soon as bowls were empty, the hissing would begin. As time went on, the shared time across the baby gate was gradually extended, and if I threw a feather wand into the mix I could leave the door open for a little longer. Taika grew tired of his safe room, and taught himself to OPEN THE DOOR. Not only did he learn this skill all on his own, HE TAUGHT RAIMI HOW TO DO IT TOO. 2.5 years I’ve had Raimi and not once has he ever even attempted to open a door!
Their friendship continues to slowly develop. Raimi frequently offers protected play to Taika, hiding behind a door to paw at each other.”

Looks like Jenny has her work cut out trying to keep up with these two!