Small world for cats after all

My partner and I owned Firefly Antiques in downtown Manitou Springs for ten years in 80s and 90s! We moved to Orlando and opened a new store but then internet and Ebay happened! My partner ended up at Disney and I at Universal.

After retirement we met some crazy cat ladies and for the last two years have been very active in the local TNR scene, fostering and transporting for the most part. We have seven cats, four with physical challenges and two porch kitties, all beautiful of course.

Was cruising Google maps and saw you there. Keep up the good work. Looks like you have a really great kitten adoption rate and hope you do well with older and special cats also! They are very rewarding and return much more than they receive. (although they are all spoiled!)

John Roberts and (by ages) Holly Ivy, Rose, Violet, Willow, Chester, Bunny (pegleg), Sweets and CarPort Eddy