Petey & her dogs

Petey came to Happy Cats in 2015 when she lost her elderly guardian. She was scared at first, but then turned into quite the flirt.

Her next adopter turned out to have allergies so she was brought back again.

Along came Evelyn, who loves both cats and dogs. We weren’t sure how Petey would do with her Boston terrier Jake and pug Val, but since we always welcome back our cats if things don’t work out, we decided to try.

It turns out Petey is very tolerant of the commotion and activity that two busy dogs bring. She can always get above the crowd in her cat tree.

Evelyn lost Jake but they all have a new friend in poodle mix Buddy, who fit right in. They are all one big happy family at night on the bed. She even shares supervised outside time with them in their private back yard with flowers and skinks!