Moki is a joy

Handsome Siamese mix Moki was surrendered from a home with too many cats. The pressure was too much for him, making him anxious and trying to copy by marking his territory.

Like all of our cats with litterbox issues, we just had to provide him what he really needed. In this case, it was safety and plenty of room to himself.  Once we did, he never had any accidents once he came to Happy Cats!

Holly is his lucky catmom and she says,

“Moki is doing great and is a joy to have around. He’s definitely made a home for himself and makes his needs known.

He’s started to calm down a bit and feel more at ease when I have to leave on errand trips.

I already can’t imagine what it would be like to not have him around to yell at me every few hours for attention.

I hope things are going well at the shelter! I have pointed several people your way due to the great experience I had.