Maus & Tiger’s unbreakable bond

Ginger tabby brothers Tiger and Maus were living happily with their elderly guardian when she took a turn for the worse. By the time our friends at Harley’s Hope were asked to help, they had lost her and needed a new home.

Even though they are brothers, they are like the original Odd Couple. Dark ginger Tiger is big and plumpalicious, outgoing and always ready for new adventures. Pastel peach Maus (originally Fliedermaus) is thin, picky about his food and much more cautious than Tiger. The trauma of losing their guardian had been hard for them, especially Maus.

Harley’s Hope took them in and sponsored Tiger for a much-needed dental before they came to live with us in our Operations Office with Charleen.

We started schedule feeding them and Tiger trimmed down enough that he was able to go back on a regular diet, which suited skinny Maus much better.

Maus took a little wooing but soon was asking for pets almost as much as Tiger. Both hung out in the office, trading purrs for pets with Charleen. But the weeks went past and still we couldn’t find the right people.

We know that bonded friends usually stay that way, so we are committed to keeping cat families together. But after months, we never saw Tiger and Maus cuddling. We didn’t want to hold back outgoing Tiger, so we went back to Cynthia to find out if she really thought they were bonded.

She assured us they slept together all the time after she moved them to her home, so we recommitted to waiting for the right family.

Along came Judy and her husband, who were looking specifically for an adult pair. Who wouldn’t fall in love with these big sweet boys, right? Off they went to their new life in Cotopaxi.

They sent us just the photos we wanted to see, the boys happy together again!

Judy tells us, “We have had many pairs over the years that we were told were bonded but none like these 2 brothers. They are often seen sleeping together and in fact they sleep with us between our pillows and love sitting on my lap together.”

Clearly, Tiger is still Maus’ emotional support cat and they have found their purrfect family to care for them!