Loki & Thor work from home

Charlie & Walden were brought to us by a kind lady who found them in her yard as teeny orphans. They were raised with their siblings by foster mom Kay, one of our loving bottle baby feeders who cared for them around the clock, just like their catmom would have.

Bottle babies usually haven’t been through the traumas that older kittens experience, so they are usually confident and loving little tykes. It didn’t take long before they found their forever home with Kate and her busy family!

She says, “Charlie and Walden are now Loki and Thor (aptly named by our 7 year old). I would say that both are gods of mischief!

Their favorite thing to do is dangle from their cat tree and jumping up on counters to see what the humans are doing.

They love their cuddles and like being where we are. Thor and Loki are excellent WFH co-workers. They tend to sleep on the job though…”