Lexi Jo, sweetest girl ever!

I adopted Lexi, my first kitty to adopt from Happy Cats, back in 2012.  She is precious.

When I first came to meet her, she was a kitten and extremely nervous.  I remember being told by one of the staff that she might not be ready to go to a new home yet but I could come and meet her.  I did and she hid under these large cubicle cubbies but with some gentleness and patience, she came out from under and allowed me to pick her up.

I walked out of the cattery with her in my arms and I remember the staff person’s facial expression of surprise!  I was allowed to adopt her right then at that moment.  She has done beautifully in my home.

She gets along with my other kitties.  She is so sweet.  She loves to pat me with her paw when she wants petting or attention.  She has the most adorable high pitch meow.  I adore this little girl.  She is incredibly cute.

I call her my Marilyn Monroe kitty as she has this one little white spot, I call her beauty mark, right on her face below her nose next to her upper lip.  I tell her she’s all dressed up with no place to go.  But she doesn’t want to go anywhere.  She is a very happy healthy kitty and I love her.  Thank you Happy Cats Haven for my sweet Lexi Jo!