Adventures with Kuro

Handsome pantherette Kuro came to us when her people inherited her but realized she didn’t get along with their other cat. She had been declawed, so that could have been part of the issue. She tended to show her stress by going outside the box.

We have a great track record working with litterbox issues, as they almost always arise from being sick or stressed in cats who are fixed. So we brought her in and were quickly charmed by her outgoing personality and plumpalicious purrs.

She quickly confirmed that she was far too regal to deal with other cats and got very upset when faced with them, chuffing and growling in fear. Being in a shelter with dozens of other cats, even if they can’t see them, is hard on a singles cat.

However, our behavior team quickly found she was confident and loved to go on walks. This helped lower her stress and enrich her life while she waited. Sure enough, she had no accidents while at Happy Cats! 

Along came Stacy, looking for her One and Only. She also liked the fact that Kuro liked going for walks and soon Kuro was on her way home.

Stacy says, “Kuro is doing great! She is just darling and we have settled into a routine which seems to work well for both of us.

She loves sitting on my lap while I work at my desk at home and sometimes sleeps there most of my work day.

She has quickly become my favorite way of spending money, and I have bought her more toys and other items (like a drinking fountain) than I care to admit.”

Stacy had to tweak her diet with the help of her vet, but also has kept up with the walks Kuro loves so much. Thanks for giving this loving little gal such an awesome second chance for the second half of her life!