Knight learns to cat

Knight was rescued from a busy street, trying to survive by himself after being left behind when his people moved. He has the tipped-ear badge of courage to prove it. His rescuer Barb said, “He would like to be friends with other cats but doesn’t know how to.”

Lauryn was working for us at Happy Cats and thought he would be a perfect match for her younger cat Mewtwo, leaving the older cat Damien in peace. But sometimes cats have other plans 😄. She tells us,

“Knight is doing amazingly! He has truly made himself at home with my other two cats.

He has all the soft blankets and pillows he could ask for to take a cat nap on, he’s been eating well, and he’s been getting along amazingly with my other two cats.

He constantly supervises whatever is being made in the kitchen, from dinner to tea, he enjoys sitting in the window and basking in the sun, and he even enjoys sitting down and watching some YouTube with me when I have it on!

I’ve found that Knight is definitely a cat’s cat. Initially, I brought him home to make close friends with the younger of my two cats, giving the older one some “him” time.

To my surprise, he’s become close friends with my oldest! The rule of thumb in the house now is wherever my oldest is, Knight is not far behind!

He’ll still take human cuddles whenever they’re offered, but he is happiest cuddling on the cat chair with my oldest kitty.

Knight didn’t really know how to be a cat when I brought him home. He’s definitely learning how to be one now, though.

He’s learned how to make a cat loaf, with tucked in paws and all! He’s also learned how to make more of a full “meow” rather than just a “meh” noise.

I’m so proud of the progress he’s made and how happy he and my other two kitties are. He’s a perfect fit for my household and I cannot imagine my household now without him in it!