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Little Digger came to Happy Cats after being rescued from a dangerous outside situation. He had several cat friends in his foster home and was a good big brother to the smaller kittens.

But after he was adopted, they found out he was positive for Feline Leukemia. This is a fairly contagious virus with a wide range of effects. Because no other kittens in his foster family ever tested positive, we had him checked and re-checked, with the same results.

Digger stayed with his foster family until the perfect family came along: Molly, her husband Ryan and their two sweet dogs Doc and Piper. They knew Digger might be a little fragile, so they fostered to adopt at first as their dogs had never been around cats.

They did slow and careful introductions, but both dogs welcomed little Digger–now Diggy–into their lives. In January, they made it official and adopted Diggy. They have since added to their family with two tortoises named Ethel and Mildred.

Molly tells us, “One year ago, I brought Diggy home to foster and he absolutely stole our hearts.

“He adores our dogs and is obsessed with our tortoises (not to hunt, he really just wants to be friends).

He LOVES meat stick treats and cat nip.

We have this thing called “closet time” where when he wants attention he’ll just go and sit in the closet and expect it.

He doesn’t really meow, just “mehs” which is more of a whisper and the cutest thing ever.

Thank you so much for allowing him to join our family! We couldn’t imagine our life without him!”

Happy Adoptaversary, Diggy!

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  • Neil

    I pressed a button and. LO & Behold, Ryan Mollie and a precious cat brought another smile to my heart! Love you guys, including the ones with furry tails!

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