Aspen’s alarm

Aspen is a classic tortoiseshell tabby–or torbie–with beautiful white mask, paws and ascot. She even has green eyes and Bengal-like spots, just a stunning cat!

She was one of our Southern kittens 3 years ago, named Charlotte after the city. She was adopted by a nice young couple.

For reasons we don’t know, she ended up abandoned at the Humane Society. We’re always grateful when they let us know about our kitties, and immediately went to bring her back.

In spite of losing her family, she remained a cheerful little cat, ready to recover and move on. It wasn’t long before Gail came to give her another chance.

Now known as Aspen, she has a beautiful new home with great mountain views! Gail says she’s settled in beautifully, as you can see. Her only problem is that she’s now their alarm clock, but who wouldn’t want to wake up to this sweet sleepyhead?!