Nevaeh is an Angel

Beautiful calico Neveah came to Happy Cats at the age of 15 having already lived a full life. She had lost her human guardian and needed a soft place to land in her golden years. Her foster mom said she was a Snuggle Bunny who loved to follow her around the house.

She also loved her playtime, especially chasing a feather toy! After playtime, she was happy to cuddle on the bed, sometimes burrowing under to spoon with her foster mom.

Lucky for her, Ruth and her family came along, looking for an older cat. Keeping the theme, Nevaeh (heaven backwards) is now Angel. Ruth says, “We couldn’t have asked for a better companion! As you can see, she loves “helping” me with puzzles.

She loves going out on our deck and looking at the woods behind us.  We built a small playground  for her so she can be in the grass off the deck & still be safe.

She loves it when we have friends & family over too.  Very sociable and happy for back & chin rubs from everyone.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of her until we found her. We can’t imagine not having her!”