Whiskey loves Max

Teller came to us as an older kitten with her brother Penn. They were found outside, scared and hungry, and she had a wound on her neck that seemed to be human-inflicted.

They had a couple of loving foster families, but she was still pretty scared when she first came in, right before Christmas. We almost always keep our paired kitties together, but it became clear she wasn’t as bonded to Penn as we’d thought. He was more outgoing, so we let him go to his new home without her, to give her time to blossom.

On her own, she got more and more confident. Along came Marion, who was looking for a companion for her Max, whom she’d adopted from us in 2016. Max had also been found trying to survive outside, rescued by another one of our loving foster moms.

He needed a friend and we thought Telly would be just the one. She was a little scared at first.

But it only took a couple of days for her to warm up and once she met Max, well, it was a done deal!

Marion says, “Whiskey ( we renamed her) is doing super duper well… her and Max have become fast friends, they play together, take naps together and lick each other.”

Looks like she’s fitting in pretty well with her humans too!