Wally & Chloe at home

Our senior boy Wally was one of the first cats to stay in our Boomer room after we moved into Manitou. He had been an indoor/outdoor guy, so it was sometimes a challenge for him to adjust.

Sweet tortie Clover was also a senior who we realized was deaf, once she got settled in the room with Wally. That tended to make her a little afraid of the more active kitties in the room.

They found just the right family with Sandy and Marie! As you can see, Wally is getting lots of walks and fresh air in his catio to replace his prior outside time. Sweet Clover (now Chloe) gets lots of safe time soaking in the sun. ???

Didn’t they luck out? Supervised walks on a leash, warm comforting home, a catiooo?!?! This is the life! Way to go Wally and Chloe! We love to see you happy!