Romeo, Romeo!

Blue-eyed, chocolate point Romeo lived happily with lots of other cats, a few dogs and his catmom until tragedy struck in the form of a sudden illness that left them suddenly alone. A spry 13 years old, only his problematic teeth gave away his age.

With the support of our Happy Cats family, we got them taken care of. In spite of his trauma, Romeo stayed confident that everyone would love him best and first…the way he thought a handsome gent like him should be loved!

At nearly the same time, Joy had lost Marta, the Siamese she had adopted from us years ago. It seemed like fate, and it no time at all, Romeo was on his way home again.

Joy says, “I feel so very blessed to have adopted Romeo. He is such an affectionate and loving boy. He loves to hug, purr and make bread on me. Sometimes all at once. We are very happy. It is as if he has always been mine. Thank you!”