Mama’s girl

Catolescent Sarabi was found in a neighborhood feral colony where she delivered her babies on a patio chair.

After we got her warm and safe in a loving foster home, it became clear to foster mom Kaitlyn that Sarabi had a favorite kitten: Nala.

Even when the other kittens were off and playing, Nala could be found hanging out with her mom.

When momcats wean their kittens, they are usually ready for them to go off on their own lives. Not Sarabi though! She was probably only 8 or 9 months old and still a kitten herself and the two of them could often be found playing together.

The bond was so strong that we decided to make sure they stayed together. They were friendly to other cats at the Haven, but when it came time to sleep or play, we still found them together.

It can take longer to find the right family for a pair like this because people tend to want either kittens or adults. Nala grew from a shy kitten into a catolescent nearly as big as her mom, and gained a lot of confidence along the way.

Finally just the right family came along, with cat-friendly dogs and cat-loving children. Mom Cindy says, “They have adjusted well and our dogs are actually more afraid of them than they are of them. It is comical at times! We love them dearly. Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family.”

Cindy and her mom are even paying it forward by making crocheted blankets for other kitties to have when they get adopted!