Luxe life

We rescued a young momcat last spring and one of our longtime foster families took her in, naming her April Showers. Within days, she had 4 beautiful babies.

One of them started out completely white. This was a concern at first, because of his blue eyes (white cats with blue eyes are often deaf). She named him White Rain.

As he got older, though, his points started to appear, with color on his ears, face, and tail…showing off his Siamese heritage.

White Rain’s partial point mask turned into striking eyebrows. With his ice blue eyes, of course he didn’t stay with us long once we offered him for adoption.

Now called Luxe, he’s fitting right in with his new family, thanks to the loving care he got with his foster mom.

His new catmom Danielle says, “Luxe is doing fantastic and loves causing mischief around the house.”

(His cat buddy Kraft also came from Happy Cats. She was rescued from a hard life outside and look at her now!)

“He’s happy with the rest of his furry family too and enjoys picking on our yellow lab, Cheese.

He’s definitely the cuddliest cat ever with his people and he runs up to me every morning meowing until I pick him up – it’s adorable!”

Cheese, Luxe, Mac and Kraft…one big happy family, if we’ve ever seen it!