Luna & Bear: meant to be


Stunning Masha is one of the rare blue-eyed cats who isn’t deaf. She’d been surviving for a year in an alley where she was abandoned. Neighbors had been feeding her and caught her kittens but left her outside.

The day our TNR Coordinator Barb went to trap her, it was 13 degrees and she was huddled under a camper shell.

When she first came to us, she kept to herself in the Boomer Room, going up high to explore the catification.
It wasn’t long before she found a home with Lucy. Now named Luna, she quickly blossomed into a playful flirt once she knew she was safe. She loved to catch toys tossed up the stairs to her and figured out how to open Lucy’s desk drawer so she could amuse herself taking out the paper clips and erasers.

Tuxedo Bear, on the other hand, had been very traumatized during his rescue from outside. His foster parents worked hard to earn his trust, but after he was brought to the Haven, he often stayed tucked into small spaces with his friends.

His foster mom Heather came to show us what a lapcat he was once he trusted you. Our wonderful volunteers did their best to make sure he felt safe enough to come out.

Bear was a true Cat’s Cat, though, preferring the company of his other friends in the Boomer Room.

He even got confident enough to graduate to the Lobby, making many friends there too.

We worked hard to show off his loving side, but he still took some wooing to come out. When would this green-eyed tuxedo boy find his family?

Meanwhile, Lucy thought Luna might need a friend, so she came back to visit. We all thought Bear might just be the one, so off he went in a special home installation to deal with his high level of fear.

It wasn’t long before he was looking for high spots too, including Lucy’s baby grand piano!

Luna continued to flirt and play, winning him over too.

They got to watch one last big snowfall before Lucy moved to Texas to be with family last summer. We offered advice for the move and our Fear Free approved anti-anxiety medication.

Now they have 3 people to love them! They still love to watch out the window.

They even have a new dog friend named Squirt. He’s not much bigger than them and really wants to be friends. Luna is fine with touching noses, but gives a little hiss when he tries to escalate to doggie kisses!

Aren’t they the perfect yin and yang together?

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