Luke & Snookie

Luke and Snookie make a handsome couple, with their orange tabby and calico coats. They came to us when their catmom died suddenly and they were wrenched into the unknown.

They had lived with many other animals over the years, and both were in severe need of dentals, with pain as they tried to eat. We got them caught up with everything, thanks to a fundraiser on Facebook.

Snookie gained confidence fast, but Luke was the most shy to begin with, and we were thrilled when he finally came out for pets.

It turned out Snookie was already skilled with a very nice Sit Pretty under her belt. She punctuated her tricks with kitty biscuits because she was just so happy to show them off!

It seemed like Snookie had Luke’s back, giving him confidence to keep blooming while he was with us. Still, he spent most of his days in the “panic room,” a small space hidden in one of our benches.

It wasn’t long before Paul came along, looking for kitty companionship. Snookie showed him her Sit Pretty and shy Luke even came out to meet him, so they did their best to see that he picked them…and it worked!

Now that they’re home, their roles have shifted. Paul says, “Luke has pulled a 180 and now comes out to visit me regularly.

He seems to get jealous of Snookie when she is getting pets. He will come up and want to be petted too, but when this happens Snookie leaves like they have some unspoken rule.

“They both love to sleep on the bed with me. One on each side of me so I can’t move. ?? Both are giving me lots of love and I’m giving it back even more. I love them both.”