Joseph’s boys


Fergus and Kiaran were born in a motel room that housed several adult humans and at least 8 other cats. Their mom did her best to protect them from the drug-dealing chaos, but one of their siblings had died by the time we got them in.

But they thrived in foster care. This is Fergus learning to make new friends.

His brother Casey won Kitty Lotto when he got to stay with his foster family. Fergus and Kiaran were adopted to a family who also ran into some hard times, so back they came.

They were now big beautiful cats with gorgeous coats that showed off their Maine Coon heritage. Understandably a little wary at first, it wasn’t long before they were playing and purring again.

They were with us during the holidays last year and got Secret Santa gifts from our volunteers.

Joseph had not grown up a cat person, but his wife had introduced him to Kermit who became his support after she died. Recently, Joseph also lost Kermit but volunteers with us to pay that love forward to our Happy Cats.

By the time he met them, the boys had recovered their mojo. Playful and flirty, it wasn’t long before they had a new home with Joseph.

Joseph says, “The boys have gotten really big! Kiaran likes to put his paws up on the counter while I praise him for being such a tall boy. Fergus sits on the table while I’m meditating, very still with his eyes closed, like he’s meditating too.

He insists on pausing on our way up the stairs so we can nuzzle while he purrs softly. I call them gossamer purrs.

Fergus’ purrs, on the other hand, are quite loud and have earned him the nickname Fergus Purrgus.

They both like to get in the bathtub and are fascinated by the water coming out of the faucet. Kiaran especially likes to roll around in the dry tub.

He’ll jump in and wait for me to say, ‘Rub a dub dub, Kiaran in the tub!,’ rolling and checking on my amusement and approval.

They both like high places but Fergus was the first to figure out how to get from a chair to a bookcase and finally to high shelves, where can survey everything.

They both love to keep watch over the whole neighborhood from my second story window from their cat tree. They have one in the back yard too.

Outside is heaven to them, especially Fergus. They spend hours out there while I supervise. I got them a stroller and we go for walks in the neighborhood.

The boys truly are bonded. They love to sleep right next to each other groom each other. Most of the grooming is done by Fergus for Kiaran, who keeps his eye goop under control.”

We’re so glad these big handsome boys have finally found their forever home!

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