Izzy the Lovemuffin

Izzy came to us from a situation with too many cats, so he spoke cat really well. His new catmom says, “It didn’t take long for him to adjust. I know he was shy but just a couple of hours after we got home he explored the room and became incredibly affectionate.

“I’m pretty sure he loved his sister from the moment he saw her. Of course we followed proper introductions and kept them separated for a bit! But as soon as they were together it was a sure thing. ?

“He is a sweetheart, very vocal, excitable, and adores his sister. He likes to cuddle, and sleep with us, every night. He warmly greets us every time we walk through the door, or wake up in the morning, just like his big sis.

“I’m extremely proud he’s part of our family. And so happy that my kitties have each other. Thank you so much for letting us adopt this little love muffin!”