Happy with Mac & Dee

Mac and Dee are stunning brown tabby siblings, with wide green eyes and lots of purrs for their people friends.

They came to us when their people ended up with too many kitties and a baby on the way. We so appreciate being trusted with making sure kitties find homes they will love.

Mac was pretty scared when they first came in, spending lots of time turtling under the blanket he came with, so Dee became the spokescat of the pair.

Our loving volunteers helped Mac gain back his confidence until Kitty and Vernon came to visit. They had recently lost a wonderful pair of bonded cats, ShaiMing and Sasha, so Mac and Dee had big paws to fill.

Fortunately, their loving personalities won the day and home they went! They now have prime window-watching for birds, squirrels, rabbits and people, according to Kitty.

They both love to follow their people around and want to be wherever they are. Mac delights in getting water from the sink faucet, even though they have two fountains of their very own. Turtle no more, he sits on laps for hours and loves his tummy rubs.

Dee loves Kitty’s lap too, and plays for hours with her new cat toys.

Mysteriously, she seemed afraid of Vernon, though he’s had a lifetime of being a wonderful cat daddy. Unfortunately, he had health challenges this year that have left him needing oxygen. We think the hissss of the machine may be frightening Dee and hope that more playtime with Vernon will desensitize her to the noise.

For now, everyone is unfolding at their own pace. Kitty says, “We are so happy we adopted them and they are clearly happy too.”