Gabbi finds her voice

Back in November of 2019, a hungry little brown tabby lady showed up on the doorstep of a good Samaritan family. But after they got her fed and warm, they noticed there was something wrong with her back end.

Even though she was scared, she timidly rubbed on their hands with a soft purr. But when they went to pet her, they realized she couldn’t raise her tail. She didn’t get defensive, just added a low growl to her purr.

They named her Fifi but couldn’t keep her, so in she came to us. Our best guess was she’d been hit by a car.  We were afraid she might end up with paralysis or worse.

Our friends at Claremont Ranch Animal Hospital helped us avoid expensive testing by prescribing pain medication to see if she responded. She spent Christmas with us in a condo to contain her jumping, but soon she was nearly back to normal!

By this time, Fifi had shown what a tree dweller she was, preferring to quietly observe the other cats from the upper catification, including our repurposed bookcase. Her tail wasn’t 100% but it didn’t appear to hurt her.

Along came Sharon and Don. Fifi showed her playful side and it seemed like the purrfect fit!

Soon, she was on her way to Cañon City! In a day or two, she was out exploring the whole house and loving every minute of the sunroom where her new cat tree was. She has birds and and a lizard named Larry to watch from her perch.

It turns out she’d been accumulating stories during her scary time outside and she couldn’t wait to tell them. In fact, her new name is Gabbi, because she loves to talk to everyone!

Playtime, sunshine, her own personal lizard and people who love her…what more could a girl want?