Elliot and Carrot pay it forward

We adopted Cardigan (tuxedo) and Oddish (orange tabby) in October 2016 for my daughters birthday gift. They are now Elliot and Carrot. I became a foster about 7 months ago and know how much it means to see pictures of adopted kitties!

I was petting Elliot tonight and it just occurred to me how much I love to see my foster kitties in their furever homes.

Of all the kitties adopted we always remember each one, and I’m sure you can’t forget a fluffy orange guy with crossed eyes ( Oddish, now Carrot ). Sorry I haven’t sent pictures sooner, I did post a video of them playing soon after adopting them.

Elliot is just a big baby! A 12 lb baby! In the picture he is with Chalky ( my first foster fail ). Elliot adopted Chalky and was just the best dad, bathing and teaching him, it was very interesting. (Chalky was rescued from my front yard at just a few days old. His parents are feral, and have been TNRed, so we still see his dad every once in a while, but Chalky knows Elliot is his real Dad!) The picture is about 7 months old, they are actually the same size now (Chalky is a big boy).

Carrot is a small kitty, about half the size of Elliot. He is a silly boy! Loves to chase and agitate the others! Especially my 11 yr old kitty, who doesn’t really appreciate it, but I can tell by that look in Carrots eyes, that he is having a great time, chasing the old man of the house, getting him all riled up!

Elliot and Carrot are still very close to each other. Carrot spoiled Elliot from the beginning, grooming him all the time so Elliot just goes up to everyone, head butting, not hard, but just little nudge to say, “ Hello! See my head! Groom me!”

They are quite the pair and keep us entertained, and are always friendly to my foster kitties! (Carrot seems to always find a way into my kitten room, wanting to make new friends!) Here’s a recent video of them playing.

Thank you so much for these two sweethearts!