Koda & Mr Kitty 1

Last winter, two children were riding their bikes in an empty parking lot when they spotted a cat bed on edge of the asphalt. On closer inspection, there were two terrified young kitties huddled in the cold March snow.

They kept checking, and when the cats were still clinging to each other for dear life that evening, the family rescued them from almost certain death by predators and brought them to us.

It always amazes us when traumatized kitties show their faith in humans by bouncing back so quickly. Within days, they were purring and reaching out for us again.

Thanks to the support of our Beat the Heat Fund, we can continue to fix everyone who comes through our door, stopping the cycle of abandonment.

Now Koda and Mr Kitty are safe and loved in their new home, still snuggling like the day they were found.

Their new catdad says, “I wanted to let you guys know that they are doing great. The first few days they would keep to themselves but now they’re with me all the time, following me to every room and just always wanting my attention.”

“They are super affectionate and the best cats anyone could ever ask for. They’re with me no matter where I go. Cutest pair ever honestly!”

And now they have a whole new chapter in their lives! Their catdad Kevin now has a blended family, with a girlfriend and her 3 cats to go with Koda and Mr Kitty, including Munchkin here.

He says, “They are one big happy family now. There was really no problem at all with them all being introduced.

We moved from Colorado and we are now in New York so they went on a road trip with us. They did fantastic, didn’t complain once. They had a blast everywhere we went.”

“For sure these two would make anyone a cat person!”

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    Adorable! And a wonderful ending to what could have been a tragedy for these two “Happy Cats”!

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