Cleo & Stormy fit right in

Cookie and Stormy came to us as young moms. These two sisters had gotten pregnant at the same time and were trying to survive while raising their kittens outside.

Longhaired Cookie’s babies didn’t survive, but tortie Stormy’s three did, and the ladies were wonderful moms to them. They came to the Haven when their kittens were adopted.

At first, Stormy was as shy as Cookie was outgoing. Later we realized that Stormy loved other cats, but Cookie? Not so much. We had to find the perfect home without other animals in order to make both of them happy.

Then along came Devyn, who was looking for affectionate cats…and did these two fit the bill!

Cookie is now Cleo, and still gets to run the place.

Stormy can still be a bit shy, but has blossomed with Devyn’s love and safety.

Both girls are of course still best friends and are now the best lap cats. They love having her all to themselves, the perfect Safer at Home companions.

With over half of our adoptions going to bonded pairs like them, we love seeing our logo re-enacted over and over again!