Grateful Bip

Bip was found by a Good Samaritan where he had been abandoned on a farm. This sweet older cat was in horrible shape, very thin with bad diarrhea.

An exam by our partner veterinarian Dr Volz quickly told us why: Bip was diabetic. He was a senior of at least 10 and likely had been diabetic for some time, as he also had neuropathy in his feet that hurt so much he frequently attacked them.

We got him on insulin shots for the diabetes which gave him back his beautiful lynx point coat and helped him stabilize his weight. Still, the neuropathy episodes continued.

Cats don’t usually appreciate having strong medication in their food and Bip was facing a lifetime of treatment. We decided to try a CBD product from Mary’s Medicinals, their gel pen.

Transdermal products are a great way to deliver meds without making your cat fear you for doing it. A daily dose in the ear–and lots of love from our foster families–did the trick for Bip.

Once he wasn’t fighting the pain, we discovered a confident and friendly cat underneath. He loved to go for daily walks with Carole and her crew where he was being fostered at Colorado CATS, a lovely boarding facility in Black Forest, where he could receive the consistent medication he needed. Cheerful and purrful, he loved just about everyone he met, cats and humans included.

Thanks to our generous Facebook family, we were able to raise the money to provide insulin for him for a year. We also had help from Wonderful Animal Rescue Tails (WART) who cover adoption fees for special needs kitties like him.

Bip ended up with the best possible outcome, a foster “success!” He was adopted by Naomi who works for Carole and fell in love with him there. She says, “Bip is fitting into our family so well, it’s as if he’s been here for years.”

“I was worried about my energetic boxer being too much for him and my other cat totally ignoring him, but it is the opposite. Bip and Java lay close to each other comfortably and he and my two boys go for walks on our property and nap together all the time.

“Talking of walks, he now comes and leans on my legs and stand so still when he sees his harness.

“He plays so well with his mice and catnip toys, meowing and telling us all about his day with his mouth full of toy. When  he’s ready to rest after walking around, he makes a nest with his toys and lays on them as if to hatch them.

“He sleeps on my bed at night with the dogs on the floor, and is a champ when it’s time for his meds.”

Big belly rubs to everyone who made possible Bip’s complete transformation from dying cat on the street to beloved member of the family!