Rosie still loves Carter

Rosie and Carter were brought to us by some kind dog rescuers with their brother Cash and their mom June. They had tried to paper train the kittens, so when they got to us and were shown a litter box, it was if they all said “Finally!” as they happily scratched away.

Their mom Junebug loved dogs and was adopted to a nice lady with a German Shepard who became her best friend.

Rosie was the teeny little sister, the most shy of the group. She paired up well with big brother Carter and they went home to a family in 2012.

Fast forward to 2018, when they were returned. Carter had stopped using the litterbox and they had been declawed somewhere along the way. We were glad to get them back to help solve these issues.
They had what we’ve come to think of as feline PTSD:  constantly on high alert for danger, high startle responses at the slightest noise even in our quiet office, and tucking away in the furthest corner they could find.

But with gentle care and our Shy Cat Handling techniques, they started to come around. It turns out Rosie was Carter’s protector. He watched her carefully and, once he could see she felt safe, he followed her out.

Both cats recovered their sweet, cheerful personalities, back to playing and purring as normal. They were still very choosy about giving their hearts away to anyone new, especially Carter.

Then along came Julie. She found Rosie and Carter just as we had promised them to someone else, but that adoption fell through. Even though she had a broken leg, she was there in a heartbeat! Rosie came right out for them. It took a couple of times before Carter felt safe, but once he did, he showed his loving side and the deal was done!

Julie says, “As you can see, they are doing just fine! We could not be more in love with them!”

Rosie and Carter are a perfect example of how bonded cats usually stay bonded. Many years later, they are still the BFFs they were when they were kittens.

Half of our adoptions go to family and friends like Rosie and Carter. We do everything we can to keep cat families together and are so happy they have found such a loving family to make sure that happens!