Murphy’s new life 2

A pretty longhaired senior kitty named Mama came to us when her guardian couldn’t care for her anymore, afraid to let her out of her room because of the dog.

We renamed her Gianna to give her a fresh start. She needed medication for her hyperthyroidism, a common condition of senior cats. Once she got started on that, she started feeling better.

Still, she was very selective about the people she liked. Her mood improved a lot, though, once Shannan at Catagonia Cat Hotel shaved her for us. Her mats must have been pretty painful because she was happy with her new sleek look.

Lee had been taking care of Gianna as a volunteer cleaner and fell in love. The only issue was that Lee has two other kitties. As far as we knew, Gianna had never been with cats. We did a Foster-to-Adopt for them in case it didn’t work out.

Lee renamed her Murphy and she settled right in!

She was so happy to have windows again after all those months as a single with us. She’s become Lee’s official greeter, meeting people at the door.

Finally she was introduced to the other ladies of the household. Lee is happy to report that everyone is doing just fine! She plays chase with one of them and they all three sleep on the bed at night.

We’re so happy this senior lady has a warm and wonderful home–with friends, even–in her golden years!

2 thoughts on “Murphy’s new life

  • Shirley Kundzicz

    I love these stories with happy endings. Murphy was adorable and if I did not already have Punkin’ I would have loved to have adopted her myself! So glad she has a good home & likes her new buddies!

    Thanks for updates and wonderful stories about about the sweet babies that come thru your doors.

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