More purrs for Jacob

Jacob is a big lovable cat with a purr that resonates across the room. He was rescued from the euthanasia list at another shelter.

A true cat hero, he spent time donating blood so other cats across the country could live. He was an easy-going guy who got along with everyone at Happy Cats when he came to us.

It wasn’t long before his cat daddy Adam came to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse! Jacob is now happy at home with his family, including a cat brother who could have been the sibling he never had.

He’s had some minor health issues, including asthma, but his new family is working with their vet to help him sleep easy.

His catmom Willow says, “We love him, and our other cat and him are good friends. They play and cuddle together. Jacob likes to stretch out on the couch with his sneeze hankie nearby and he sleeps in bed with us. One night he had fun with some wrapping paper.”

Jacob shows us that no one is ever too old to love and play. Thank you for giving this sweet Hemo Hero the home full of love that he deserved!