Dozer chills with his Cat Daddy 1

Dozer is a huge black panther in a senior cat body. He came to us when his people were being stationed overseas and their vet recommended he find another family, rather than make the long trip.

We were surprised to find out he had already had two hip replacements, but he seemed very spry for such a big fellow. In his foster home, he loved to play with the feather wand and his stuffed squirrel.

He was definitely an Aristocat, a cat who much preferred people to other cats, so he went to stay with our friends at Catagonia Cat Hotel while he waited.

A couple of months went by and then along came Larry, who hadn’t had a cat before. He thought an older gent might be just the cat he needed, someone to keep him company at night but be self-sufficient during the day. We sent Dozer home with high hopes.

Larry tells us that Dozer is just the cat he was looking for! As you can see, Dozer is happy to have the whole house to himself, playing and snoozing in the sun. Dozer is working his way to being Larry’s sidecar cat, a purrfect place for this discriminating gent!

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