Dolly Parton loves Dean Martin

Skipper is a beautiful silver tabby girl with huge green eyes. She came to us from the crisis in Pueblo, a terrified little cat covered with dirt and feces. She was even too scared to use the litterbox, which accounted for the soiling in her carrier.

After our Cat Care Manager Carole did a fecal test, we discovered she didn’t have the parasites suspected and was probably just very, very stressed. She went to Carole’s home where she got a nice warm bath and was so happy to be clean, she leaned and purred into the brush.

With just a little time at the Haven, she was playing while she purred! Still, her past trauma meant she kept to herself and took a lot of encouragement to show how loving she really was.

Along came Rebecca, who was looking for a companion for her cat, Dean Martin. How could she resist those emerald eyes?

Soon, Skipper was Dolly, after Dolly Parton of course. Rebecca says she and Dean are tumbly friends, companionably sharing space from her very own, comfy and safe bed.

We’re so happy this little gem found her way to a lifetime duet with Dean!