Boots is living the life!

Boots was such an adorable kitten in 2013, along with her brothers Frisky and Cooper. She was adopted to a guardian with Frisky just in time for Christmas.

She must have gotten out and lost somehow, because we got a call that winter from the Humane Society that one of our cats had been found with a horrible, deep wound on her stomach and arms. They had reached the limits of what they could treat and wanted to know if we wanted her back, which of course we did.

Our best guess is that she had sought warmth in an engine on a freezing day and had gotten caught in the fan belt. It took a couple of months of dressing the wound, but through it all, Bootsie was a champ. She never complained and always met us and our doctoring with love and purrs.

Roxane had a young Maine Coon who was proving to be a bit much for her older lady cat. She hoped to find Penguin a playful companion in Boots.
She was perfect for him, racing around the house all night, chasing fur mice and balls. They love to wrestle and bathe each other, giving the granny cat all the space she needs.

Now Boots even gives back to the system that saved her. She’s become a foster mom to many kittens and teaches them how to cat. Her cat mom Roxane says, “I think she knew how close she was to dying so she lives every day to the fullest.”

Roxane’s only complaint is that Boots tends to be a little bit too neighborly and can be found getting pets in other people’s houses! Stay safe out there, sweet lady!