Beau gets a new life

Seven years ago, we got the call from a sister rescue in Denver that they needed help. Someone had been alerted there were 150 cats who needed rescuing in Colorado Springs.

It turns out they were all in a single car garage, crammed into cages. It appeared to be a breeding operation gone horribly wrong, as many were obviously related, with Persian and Siamese traits running through. They were so understimulated that when someone dropped a towel, it was the most exciting thing they’d ever seen.

We took in 11 of the cats by the time were finished. Most were small, round little fellows so we named them the Hobbits, including Bilbo.

He had a Grumpy Cat look that was very endearing and was surprisingly well adjusted. It didn’t take long before he was in a wonderful home. He moved to Kansas and occasionally even came back for a visit.

Fast forward to 2019, when his guardian was moving and didn’t have time for him anymore. Back he came, this time on a special diet for skin issues.

But his personality was still the same: loving, cuddly and ready for a new home.

He quickly found that with Emily and her husband, who weren’t afraid of a little medication.

She says, “Beau is doing amazing. We love him so much! My parents just came to visit and they love him too. He’s the best. Doing good taking his pills too!

“He loves cuddling so much, every night we get home from work he’s waiting for us and climbs right up on us. We are so thankful we found him!”

Cats can live long, full lives that sometimes outgrow the needs of their humans. We are our Happy Cats’ safety net, here to shepherd them on to their next life phase if needed. Happy trails, little Hobbit!